Greek Flying Doctors remains at your disposal

After being moved by the urge to assist the victims of the terrible Athens Wildfires, our company sets every single aircraft of our fleet at the disposal of suffering individuals, to cover the need for medical itineraries in Greece or even abroad.
With an enhanced feeling of responsibility towards our co-patriots, Greek Flying Doctors remain at the disposal of all Athenian citizens and their relatives that are currently suffering from the terrible consequences of the recent wildfire.
With more than 25 years of experience in the area of medical transporation and by maintaining a flexible, privately owned fleet, our company is fully capable of securing safe transportation for patients even under the most difficult circumstances. What’s more, thanks to our vast network of cooperation with world renowned doctors and medical personel as well as the largest hospitals and medical centrers in Greece, our company ensures fine quality medical transporation on both land and air. Our private ambulance is also available for utilization if ever required.

We would like to express our deepest regrets on the families that suffered the consequences of the terrible wildfires and ensure our full support and assistance in what ever means possible.

Our company will always remain faithful towards assisting our country and all of our co- patriots that are suffering.